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How Intelligent is AI-based Video Analytics?

There is a lot of dialogue surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) in video analytics at the moment. So much so, that many solution providers appear to see the term AI as a necessity to market their products. To be fair, video analytic solutions have come a long way from their initial days. But how intelligent is video analytics really?

In a recent webinar hosted by the research firm Memoori, Carter Maslan, Founder and CEO of Camio, discussed the potential of video analytics to be far more beneficial than traditional rule-based systems. As GPUs become increasingly popular in running AI systems, large manufacturers like NVIDIA and even smaller startups are seeing more investments in this field.

Companies joining the party

Given the obvious potential of AI, some of the large technology giants have been keen to enter the field and explore opportunities. They are, to a large extent, serving as the trailblazers in this and encouraging the development and adoption of solutions that are more intelligent and intuitive.

“Certainly, the big tech companies like Google with their TensorFlow model has been a great aid,” Maslan said. “Intel has got some great tools that will take the TensorFlow model and import it to exploit whatever resources are on them, the chips that you are running on. So, you have a really flexible mix of CPU and GPU. Resources are available that will target that for you. Then you have all the people that are working on ways to enable and develop training centers that are critically important. So, there is like a whole ecosystem that is forming around the problem of how you get machines to see and understand what is happening.”

IT plays a bigger role

One of the major drivers of AI in the physical security sphere is the integration of the IT sector. The latter is constantly on their toes with vulnerability issues and this would encourage them to unify all the different systems and make them IT-oriented.

In short, the industry is definitely seeing a shift towards going beyond the traditional rule-based analytic systems. As more companies work together, further innovations in this area would be inevitable.

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